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Asymmetrical Lady Paramount Studs

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Lady Paramount, a woman of supreme power and authority, chiefly in archery, but also in life. The Arrow as a symbol has many meanings, from defence and protection, to movement, power, and direction. Choosing to have the head of the arrow pointed up is reminiscent of a compass dial, symbolizing you are on the right path. This asymmetrical set of two different earrings comes with three posts and is meant to be worn in multiple ear holes.  


  • Created to capture the raw and untamed nature of the Canadian landscape, designed to inspire and invigorate the WILD spirit of the wearer.
  • Made in Calgary, Canada.


  • Made from Sterling Silver, always nickel free.
  • Due to the nature of this product, shape may vary.

Sizing + Dimensions

  • Arrow charm measures approx. 50.30 mm long, 7.20 mm wide and 2.35 mm thick.
  • Arrow drop length measures approx. 8.35 cm.
  • River rock measures approx. 5.00 mm in diameter and 4.00 mm thick.
  • River rock drop length measures approx. 6.80 cm.