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Cat Paw Print Necklace

by Fable
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    Carry a reminder of your favourite furry feline with you wherever you travel. Spiritually, cats are often associated with mystery, independence, and intuition. In many ancient cultures, they were considered guardians of the supernatural realm and were believed to possess magical powers. Physically, cats are known for their agility, grace, and keen senses.

    • Mackenzie Jones jewellery is handcrafted from scratch, each piece is unique to you.
    • The Fable collection was created to inspire whimsy and wonder.
    • Handmade in Calgary, Canada.
    • Handmade from Sterling Silver, perfect for everyday wear. Always nickel free.
    • Due to the handmade nature of this product, shape and texture may vary slightly.
    Sizing + Dimensions
    • 18-inch Sterling Silver chain. Other lengths available upon request.
    • Charm measures approx. 10.50 mm in diameter and 2.0 mm thick.