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High Quality Materials

We primarily use recycled silver and precious metals sourced in North America. We believe where it comes from is just as important as how it is made.

Truly Handmade

From start to finish, our jewellery is made by hand, from original piece to finished product, you can feel our fingerprints on everything we make.

Proudly Canadian

Not only are we inspired by Canada, we support Canadian too. From our materials to our packaging, we choose Canadian partners to empower our community.

Cast in House

We don't shop out the work. All of our casting is done in house on the spot, ensuring that we can guarantee the highest levels of quality. This makes us stand apart from the crowd.

Bringing the Mountains Home

We are inspired by the mountains around us, however we are constantly growing our community to an international level. We want to elevate Canadian Handmade and share it with the world.

Female Owned

From owner, to maker, to accountant and everything in between. We are empowered by an amazing team of driven women, lifting each other up and raising the bar in our community.

Inspired by You

We create for you and in turn you empower us to follow our dreams. Working together we can help raise awareness and give back to our community in a meaningful way through our annual charities, thanks to you!