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Our Story

Megan Mackenzie Jones was born an artist. There was never a doubt, even from a young age, that she would imagine her own path and follow her creative spirit. In her formative years she travelled across Canada and fell in love with every corner of our nation.

Her creative spirit led her to attend the Alberta College of Art + Design and major in Jewellery + Metals where she graduated with honours. Inspired by Canadian flora and fauna, Megan was set on a path to start her own business after graduation.

While working as a landscaper Megan balanced work and creativity. Slowly growing her tools and studio into a small workspace in the basement. Hard work and the great out doors have been two constants no matter where life takes her.

While playing around in the studio, Megan made the first mountain ring. Inspired by the need to capture that feeling of home, and to carry it with you always. This changed the trajectory and everything started to fall into place. The first Mountain Maid came to be.

Megan fulfilled her dream of having a full in house casting studio, by building it from the ground up. The studio became a safe haven and made room to expand the team. We call it our little slice of heaven, complete with everything one needs to create.

Growing the team was our biggest adventure. Sharing in passions, dreams and creativity has been one of the most fulfilling parts of Mackenzie Jones. One can always be inspired when surrounded by such powerful and beautiful souls.

Mackenzie Jones has grown through an amazingly supportive community. This has allowed us to follow our dreams and to give back to the community. We pride ourselves in fostering positive progress within ourselves, our business and our community.