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      Mackenzie Jones Designs offers a lifetime warranty on regular price items purchased at our markets and on our website. Jewellery is warrantied to the original consumer/purchaser/recipient against breakage or malfunction under normal use due to defects in material or workmanship.

We will repair or replace any defective Mackenzie Jones jewellery one time with the same or a comparable item.

      If you purchased Mackenzie Jones jewellery from a third-party store or retailer, these items are also covered under warranty. Original receipts are requested but not required; however, we know our work well and have the right to refuse a repair if we believe it is not Mackenzie Jones jewellery.

We are not responsible for items damaged through unusual forces, including but not limited to; vehicles, animals, tools, machinery or extreme chemicals.  

We will not replace lost or stolen items.


Terms + Conditions